Sam Bowles, Program Director

Sam has extensive experience working with builders and trades contractors on how to better market themselves to the customers in their area.  He has successfully managed several Energy Code Training Programs in both New York and Maryland and understands the value that education and training brings to the housing industry.  As a former professional hockey player, Sam loves competition and exercise and owns a CrossFit training facility with his wife and brother.


Lorie Ebersberger, Web Administrator & Designer

Lorie is a web and graphic designer who designed and implemented the Home Energy Heroes website. She continues to maintain the website by adding fresh content and images while also helping with program administrative functions. Lorie has been involved in the web design industry for 17 years. In her spare time, she is a coffee enthusiast, dog lover, and mom to a wonderful 10 year old boy.



Christine Barbour, Feature Article Writer

Christine enjoys working with builders and contractors to learn about what makes them heroes and writing up their stories so others can learn from them. She offers over 20 years experience in buildings research and specializes in market research, meeting facilitation, marketing & communications and program development.