About Us

GreenHouseinCommunity_400x400Our homes are very important to us. They provide us with shelter, comfort, a place of belonging and safety.  We spend a significant portion of our lives in our homes, raising families and making memories.  In today’s busy world, our homes provide us with a place of security. We have enough to worry about in the outside world, we need our homes to be reliable.

Houses today are complex structures made up of a variety of working parts. Each of these components plays a specific role and has a significant impact on the quality of our home. Advancements in technology, research, innovation, and building practices make our homes safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. As a result, building codes are progressing to ensure our homes are built to today’s improved standards.

Just as you want your doctor to be up to date with the latest advancements in the medical field, wouldn’t you want the person responsible for constructing your home be aware of the latest in home building? The Home Energy Heroes represents a level of commitment from builders and various industry professionals to constructing safe, durable, and efficient homes. These companies have gone above and beyond in educating their employees on building science, codes and standards, and other critical topics to provide you with the a high-quality, reliable home.

How Home Energy Heroes Works?

  1. Professionals who participate in at least one training are listed on the Find a Hero page and encouraged to keep going to earn their Home Energy Hero badge.
  2. Businesses who have completed a minimum of 3 trainings are identified as Home Energy Heroes and exemplify the commitment to continual learning, quality construction and energy efficiency that we expect.
  3. Businesses who have completed 9 trainings earn the Super Hero badge. We encourage multiple employees from within the company to attend our training courses. These businesses understand that quality construction is a team effort that takes careful consideration of all of the energy requirements that contribute to a energy efficient home.

Strive to Be a Super Hero

It takes a team of professionals to build a quality, durable, and efficient home.  The various systems and components that make up a home must all work together to ensure the home operates as designed.  Therefore it is important that all the professionals involved in the building process be on the same page and up to date with the latest science and standards in the industry.

Builders who have earned the Super Hero badge have made a significant commitment to ensuring that their team members receive the proper training and education necessary. Our Super Hero builders have participated in a total of 9 training courses.

Team members can include:

  • Project Managers
  • Architects/ Engineerrs
  • Energy Specialists
  • Trade Contractors


Home Energy Hero Badge Super Hero Badge