Builder Spotlight: George W. Combs, Inc.

Education and Innovation on Long Island

George W. Combs, Inc. builds fine architect-designed custom homes on Long Island. George W. Combs and his diverse staff work closely with the property owner and architect to turn the owners’ vision into a reality. George has been in construction since 1986 and is very active in the industry. He’s built over 150 custom homes and projects. He spent 20 years building on Maryland’s Eastern Shore before returning to his coastal roots in New York.

George says, “Our construction firm partners with distinguished architects in the Northeast to execute a homeowner’s vision for their perfect home.” Education is paramount to their success. Through a series of monthly events the company educates design professionals. Topics include the NY State Energy Code and energy efficient products and services such as geothermal energy, solar energy and green building envelope resources including roofing and siding.

Not only do they share innovative ideas and energy efficiency with the design community, but the staff at George Combs takes pride in continuing their education, which is why they are a Home Energy Hero. They regularly attend the NYSERDA Code Training courses and they promote the training to designers, engineers and town inspectors in the local Long Island area. George believes that, “education helps our team members to be aware and conscious of the NY State requirements and resources so that we can call out potential concerns while continuing to meet deadlines on time and on budget.”

They have a number of projects currently on the books, but George notes, “we are truly excited about a waterfront project on the North Shore of Long Island. This innovative, full-home renovation has been designed to be the first home on Long Island to meet the Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™ and ENERGY STAR criteria. Together with a team of talented architects, engineers and LEED consultants, our project management team here at GWC is seeking efficient materials and resources to successfully meet the rigorous standards.”



Home Energy Heroes makes it easy for homebuyers to find builders, trade contractors, architects and home energy raters who have participated in training certified by the New York Department of State and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. These industry professionals have shown a level of commitment to their craft and to providing New Yorkers with quality homes that frequently go well beyond compliance into the realm of high performance.

This initiative is possible thanks to partners like CRBRA who host these events for their members and the following sponsors who provide food and other support:  DuPont Tyvek distributed by ParksiteBROAN NuTone, and Mitsubishi, and Owens Corning.


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