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Zero Net Energy Homes are setting the standard for homebuilding in the 21st Century. Through the use of state of the art technology, each home has the capacity to generate enough renewable energy to offset its annual energy needs. Greenhill Contracting is at the forefront of the Zero Energy Ready Home movement and has been a DOE Housing Innovation Award (HIA) winner six times since 2014. They are currently building Zero Energy Home Packages in four neighborhoods – Green Acres, Esopus, The Preserve at Mountain Vista, and Scenic Meadows (coming soon).

At Greenhill Contracting, you can purchase a brand new home currently for sale, or work with an architect and design team to create your own zero energy home. Any way you chose, you can be sure to get a home filled with sunlight, clean air quality, integrated indoor/outdoor living areas, energy saving features, and quality construction. If you think you cannot afford one of these beautiful new homes, think again! New Home Owners received a tax CREDIT in an amount of approximately $22,000 (and up)! Check out the “economics” of Zero Net Energy and you will see the cost comparisons of owning a traditional home and a Zero Net Energy Home!

All of the homes designed and built by Greenhill Contracting use the highest energy efficiency and green building standards.  In fact, each home is built to comply with the strict standards for ENERGY STAR, EPA Indoor airPLUS, USGBC LEED for Homes, and DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes certification. Thoughtful selection of building materials, HVAC equipment, water efficient fixtures, and appliances help create a synergistic relationship between occupant comfort, indoor air quality and building efficiency.  By reducing overall energy demand and by selecting environmentally-preferred materials, these homes have a greatly reduced carbon footprint compared to a standard new home, and indoor air quality is a priority for every home built by Greenhill Contracting. As an added benefit, these homes are built to last hundreds of years, further increasing their sustainability.

Learn more on how Greenhill Contracting achieves a Net Zero Energy Ready Home.


Green Acres – Village Setting

Green Acres is the new community of Zero Net Energy Homes (ZEH) in the village of New Paltz, New York in the Beautiful Hudson Valley. This is a convenient village location where you can walk to shops, theaters, parks, hiking and biking trails, SUNY College, bus & train services, restaurants and clubs.

There will be a total of 25 homes on a scenic winding road….many boasting majestic views of the famous Mohonk Mountain!  There are currently happy new homeowners who love to tell you how wonderful it is to have No Energy Bills!!  All homes are committed to efficiency and sustainability!

Esopus – Luxury

Homes of Esopus is a new neighborhood of fine country homes with a twist!  Spacious Luxury Homes with no energy bills that are environmentally friendly! Residents can enjoy true country living while still having access to the fabulous amenities of nearby towns. The Hudson River is moments away for aquatic sports, and there are hundreds of acres of contiguous trails for horseback riding that you can access from your property!

These two LEED-H certified homes are capable of creating more energy than they can consume.  As with all Zero Net Energy Homes, the actual total cost of this house is comparable to owning and operating a less expensive home with much higher utility expenses.  So, if you’re considering homes within the $650,000 price range, be sure to consider these homes as a more cost-effective upgrade that will pay you back in energy savings every year.

The Preserve at Mountain Vista – Affordability

The Preserve at Mountain Vista is only minutes to the village of New Paltz.  Beautiful and Affordable Zero Net Energy Homes have been built on this 9-lot cul-de-sac of the former Schreiber Estate.  These homes are designed to save money and the environment.  All of the homes have been designed and built to the highest energy efficiency and green building standards including NYS ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes, EPA Indoor airPLUS, US DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes and the USGBC LEED for Homes Silver Level certification.  The LEED for Homes program consists of a set of green building strategies and best practices to increase energy efficiency and indoor air-quality while minimizing the impacts of new home construction on the land.  For example, about thirty acres have been designated as a conservation easement and nature preserve.  And, most importantly, each home will be capable of producing more energy each year than it consumes – which means that homeowners will have No Heat and Electric Bills!  These homes raise the standard for comfort and energy efficiency.  Each home is built for superior energy performance, comfort and health.


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