Classroom to Field Training at the Pressure House in Long Island, NY

Participants at the Pressure House field training in Long Island, NY.


As part of the multi-year effort to train code officials and contractors about the Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State 2016, Home Energy Heroes recently completed a unique classroom/hands-on training at the United Way Complex located in Deer Park, NY.

The participants that attended were introduced to a state-of-the-art building-science lab house, which provides students with hands-on, energy-related
training opportunities. This building-science lab house, also known as a pressure house, is built and outfitted so the entire dwelling becomes a building-science laboratory, demonstrating energy loss issues and other problems faced by those working and training to become HER Raters, energy auditors, renewable energy, advanced HVAC, energy retrofit, weatherization and green building industries.

The workshop consisted of 3 hours of classroom training and a planned 1 hour hands-on training that extended to nearly two hours since the participants were so well engaged. During the tour of the 3-story home built inside a warehouse, participants were able to view operating energy efficient HVAC systems, water heating and ventilation systems. Other features include, lighting and appliances, working replications of walls, floors, attic, roof and crawl space systems. The home is also designed to troubleshoot indoor air quality and moisture-related issues and get valuable real-world skills working on actual residential job sites.

Home Energy Heroes would like to thank two of their sponsors Broan and Owens Corning for participating that day. The Broan and Owens Corning representatives were able to discuss how their products can be used to meet specific code requirements while answering questions from the participants.

The Home Energy Heroes program offers both classroom and classroom/field training for any of our available courses.  If you are interested in scheduling a training for your group, please contact us today!





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