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While there is certainly a ton of value in traditional classroom training, at Home Energy Heroes we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to deliver education to builders and trades. Whether it is through in class demonstrations, videos, interactive workshops, etc. our approach is to provide the most hands on learning experience to not only allow our attendees to understand the requirements of the energy code (and other relevant topics) but more importantly, how they actually work in the real world. Recently, one of our head trainers, Matt Evans, was presented with an opportunity to deliver a part classroom, part field training in Pleasantville, NY and the class was a huge hit amongst attendees.

Having been contacted by a Building Official who had attended a prior energy code training delivered by Matt and felt so highly of the class that he was eager to share that information with the builders and trades who are active in the Village of Pleasantville.

“Due to the significant changes in the Energy Code for residential construction, I was thinking about holding a class for our local municipality. Our local architects and contractors are very good and are quite interested in producing quality work so we’d like to help them better understand the changes.” 

Having builders, trades, and code officials all on the same page with regards to the energy code is extremely important as we have seen first-hand the interpretation or understanding of the code varies greatly between these groups. This leads to confusion, failed inspections, call backs, and ultimately some hostility between them.

What ultimately resulted from this request was a 2-hour classroom training at Village Hall, followed by another 2-hours in the field at a local job site. The classroom training focused on the requirements of the energy code, the building science behind these requirements, and some best practices for compliance. Once in the field, the class walked through the site, looking at different aspects of the house with respect to energy code requirements and demonstrated how to use certain testing equipment such as a Blower Door Unit. Additionally, a local Owens Corning rep was on hand to discuss how their products (which were being used in the home) and proper installation techniques would help to meet the code requirements. The site chosen for the demonstration had just finished up framing and was preparing for insulation. At the time of the visit the roof had already been spray foamed with closed cell foam and the walls were being prepared for fiberglass insulation.

“Thank you very much for today’s class. The guys all reached out to thank me and compliment the overall class. They all said it was very informative and helpful. Thank you once again. Great job!”

Robert Hughes, Building Inspector, Village of Pleasantville

Interested in a training like this for your group? Contact us at 518-377-9410 or via email at info@homeenergyheroes.com. For more information on more training and the Home Energy Heroes program visit our website, homeenergyheroes.com.

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